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      Blessings to you for this week. I will see you all soon. And remember, I am always your partner in the work of justice.


Dear Broadway community,


      Good morning from beautiful Jerusalem! This is my last full day here. We are getting ready to come back home and honestly, I feel a little sad about it. There is so much richness in these countries of Israel and Palestine. Today is our final and free day. I am going to the Holocaust museum today with a few friends. I recently visited the one in Skokie, so I can imagine what to expect.


    We have seen so much but there is still a lot that we have not even touched. And there are places I want to go back to. Many of us have talked about wanting to stay here a little longer. It reminds me of the disciples who wanted to build tents and stay at the mountain top when they experienced a transformed Jesus. But staying at the mountain top would be counter to what Jesus would really want us to do. Once we have the experience of God in this way, it is or responsibility to go back to share the experience with others.


   In as much as I would like to stay, I am excited to return and share the stories with you. My commitment to continue to partner with you in the work of justice has been renewed by my visit here. There is so much injustice here. The people live with so little but with so much faith.


   May God give me the strength to continue to do the work of justice with you, and to tell the stories of the people I have met here even as we continue to tell the story of Jesus with renewed understanding.