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       May God continue to shape and reshape us. And remember, I am always your partner in justice


Dear Broadway Community,


     Yesterday, I arrived at the Siena Retreat Center in Racine, Wisconsin for a 5 Day Academy of Spiritual Formation. The reason I registered for the Academy was because, besides the fact that I needed to feed my soul, a delegation was coming from India to participate in the Academy and many Indian clergy were invited to attend. I accepted the invitation because the Methodist Church in India was where my faith was formed and some of the Bishops that were coming from India had been youth leaders when I was growing up. They are leaders of the church that formed me and brought me to the place I am today! I wanted to remain connected with where I come from.


    But, little did I know that I will also have the absolute honor to meeting someone who had attended the very first Academy that was ever offered. Theonia Amenda is from Wisconsin and had attended the very first Academy of Spiritual Formation.


    While the Methodist Church in India formed me in my growing years, the Academy feeds my spirit today. In both cases, I was in the presence of the people who continue to shape the spiritual lives of many.


    Who shapes your life? Who feeds your soul? Whose shoulders are you building your spiritual and daily life? Who is your cloud of witnesses? This coming Sunday we will observe All Saints Sunday. The worship team is inviting you to help us decorate the altar table with your saints, your mentors, your role models! They make us who we are. They have shown us how to live out our faith in the world in our every day lives.


    Please bring a small picture or items that reflects them for the altar table. We will be inviting you to place that item at the altar table during the opening hymn. We will honor all those who have gone ahead of us and have shaped or lives. We will keep those items as our focus throughout the service. Please be sure to take your item or picture at the end of the service. We would not want your precious memory to be lost or damaged in any way. I look forward to this worship service and to celebrate with you the many ways our lives are influenced by people and experiences.


    People of God, siblings in faith- let us live every moment as an opportunity to evolve into who God has truly called us to be. Let us continue to be who we truly are- God’s beloved! Let us continue to open doors and windows of hope and opportunities for those who the society keeps pushing down and behind!  Disrupt! Resist! Challenge! I hold you all dear to my heart.