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As people of hope, let us continue to seek and dare to delve into the deeper conversations. We need to support one another in our work and in our efforts.  Let us continue to also support one another with our prayers. God bless you and I remain your partner in justice.



Dear Broadway Community,


    This past Sunday Jessie preached the last of the 6-week series on the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church, focusing on the ‘Nurturing Community.’ As she said, we did not go through the Social Principles in the order they present themselves in the Book of Discipline, but we tried to do them in the order that would coincide with other special days in the life of our world -- thus talking about nurturing on Mother’s Day!


    Last Sunday was not only the last Sunday of the series, it was also the last Sunday for Jessie to preach as our student Intern. She will be with us till the end of the month. You may want to use these next couple weeks to let her know what she has meant to you. As has been our tradition, we will celebrate and honor our time together, with cake and punch, on Sunday, May 27th following the second service. That would be another opportunity for you to share, with her, your thoughts or tokens of appreciation.


    THis Sunday is Pentecost Sunday -- the Sunday we acknowledge as the day the church was birthed by the disciples. Jesus continued to appear to the disciples for 40 days after the resurrection and then ascended into heaven, according to the Bible. On the 50th day, while the disciples and many others were gathered to celebrate the Jewish festival of Shavout, the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples. On that day many who believed in Jesus were baptized and church was formed. According to the scripture narration we hear that they put their resources together and shared them according to the needs of the people. This Pentecost Sunday, I invite you to bring donations of new or gently used towels and bedsheets (all sizes) to be donated to CLASP homes -- so when residents arrive they feel welcomed by their new community. If you want to know more about CLASP visit http://www.lgbt-fan.org/community-support/chicago/.


    Even though the sermon series in the Social Principles has ended, I feel that the work that they call us to never ends. As long as we live we will have the need for the work of justice, so I keep the following few things in front of us to remember them as general rules for our living -- towards our effort to always be working on making this world a better place for all:


• Be allies to the people who are experiencing discrimination in our neighborhoods or anywhere else,


• If you see something, say something, silent allies sometimes make the situation more difficult,


• Support voter registration,


• Demand an end to discriminatory practices in law enforcement, judicial system, (to read more about these suggestions, visit https://www.thoughtco.com/things-you-can-do-to-help-end-racism-3026187) or anywhere else, and


• Participate in organizations that are working on these issues in your communities -- for us it is ONE Northside!