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  That is all the news I have for now. I look forward to hearing from some of you. I look forward to speaking to many of you. I look to seeing you at church this Sunday! And, I pray that God will give all of us the strength to do the work that we have been called to do. Remember, I am always your partner in justice.



Dear Broadway Community,


If you were in church Sunday, you have already heard me say this perhaps, but I wanted to say for the sake of everyone -- I was so full of joy on Sunday, and full of gratitude for every one of you who were at church and/or present for the picnic following. We had a great time of worship and fellowship and the day was perfect! Thanks to all who helped bring the chairs out, set up for the picnic, brought food, grilled, cleaned up after, drew on the side walk or invited people from the street to come join us -- one of those couples happened to be someone who had been married in this church in the mid 90’s and were glad to connect, even if for a few moments!


So, don’t forget -- our next picnic is scheduled for August 27th. We will have worship outside again, weather permitting, and then join in the fellowship!


But there are a few other things that will happen in between. As we have been sharing with you the lay leaders of the church are working hard to fine-tune our current leadership model! In an effort towards that -- we need your help! We are looking for a new name for this team of lay leaders.


They have come up with some suggestions -- on Sunday you will have the opportunity to pick your favorite name -- so you may not want to miss this Sunday! These names were selected after much deliberation and from a list of almost 20 possibilities that the lay-leaders came up with. The possibilities are:


• Ministry Advocate Council – since all leaders of the church are advocating for justice

• Ministry Advocate Body – using the word ‘body’ as a more expansive word

• Ministry Advocates – plain and simple

• Ministries and Community Council – adding emphasis to the sense of a larger community


Also don’t forget, on Saturday, August 26th, a Benefit concert is being held for a Russian violinist, Artem Kolesov, who is fleeing persecution and seeking Asylum. The concert will be held at the Center on Halsted. I invite us to support this concert because part of the fund raised from this concert will be donated to CLASP, a ministry that Broadway co-founded.


Please take some time to look at the trustees bulletin board (the one closest to the water fountain). We are posting a list of "little things that need done” on it. If you can help with any, please help us out! And, if you see anything that needs done, please also feel free to add it to the list!


Speaking of bulletin boards -- I invite you to also check the Anti-Racist White Caucus bulletin board! There are some wonderful activities and opportunities for learning and sharing that are being planned by the leadership team. Look for more information on that in this e-news also.