Alka's Angle April 23, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,

We all sat at the edge of our chairs and at least I could not pay attention to much of anything else. There was anxiety and also a hint of uncertainty. I hoped we would hear what would be fair and at the same time I was bracing myself for the worst! So, the news came as a sigh of relief -- albeit momentarily.

For just as we begun to accept the fact that Derek Chauvin had been held accountable for his actions, we learned of another killing in Ohio. 16-year-old Makiyah Bryant was shot and killed by an officer of law. So, while Derek Chauvin was held accountable there is a lot of work that needs to be done before we see any systemic change in our country -- so we continue to do the work against racism and any form of discrimination. I invite you to  check out End North Side Racism -- a group working towards holding our local officials accountable to protecting and serving their BIPOC constituents. Supprt their work and volunteer with them if you can.


Along with the work, we also plan on holding regular prayer vigils in partnership with some other congregations in the community. Those plans are underway and will be shared with you as soon as they are finalized.


Beloveds, let us all do what we can to work towards stopping all acts of violence against other humans. Let us do all we can to extend care and support for folks we encounter. We do not know what the other person is carrying in their hearts, but we can offer a smile to everyone we see.

Let us continue to create a brave space where everyone can claim our identity as a beloved child of God.   And remember, I am always your partner in this work of justice!