Alka's Angle December 4, 2020

Dear Broadway Family,

Hope everyone had a safe and satisfying Thanksgiving, given the circumstances and the reality of world we live in. One of the things I was most grateful about last week, was the meals we delivered to some members of our Broadway family. And that was possible because Jon Fallon cooked the best meal, Satia Orange coordinated everything, and Charolette and Nicole contributed to make the meal festive. It was appreciated by all, so we looked for a way to do something for the whole community during Advent, and a suggestion was to have an outside mitten tree. What a great idea! 

So, by the time you read this e-news, we will have a Mitten Tree outside our building, inviting the community to ADD items if they can, and take anything they might NEED! We invite you to contribute also. Feel free to bring your donations whenever you can and add them to the tree, and while you are thinking of it, pick up a can or two of non-perishable food items and donate that to our Community Food Pantry.


The Christmas season is about giving and sharing and caring for each other. With COVID-19 we can’t do things the same way as we are used to, but we can still do things with a little adjustment! Our Mitten Tree is one of those efforts -- if you have additional ideas, let us know and we will try what we can.


About worship -- please make sure to 'like' the Broadway UMC Facebook page, and/or ‘subscribe’ to our YouTube channel, so you don’t have to search for it every week to join for worship. As last week, Zoom will begin at 11:45am for fellowship and prayers. 


And remember this Sunday (first Sunday of the month), we will have Holy Communion. If you do not have your communion set and desire to pick one up at church, just let me know. Also, this being the season of Advent, I invite you to create your own Advent wreath, and have it by you on Sunday, so you can light your own Advent candles during worship.


Friends, please do take good care of you! I know this has been a long season, but the end is not too far away. We need to keep doing the right things -- wash hands, wear our mask and, stay home if we can -- just a little longer. Let us take care of each other, check in with each other often and encourage one another to stay positive. May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice,