Alka's Angle

  • Spiritual Health was the focus for this week in our Lenten series, and the parable we focused on was of Jesus bringing the dead girl back to life, saying to those gathered, “She is not dead, she is sleeping!” The invitation to us is to think of the part of our life that we have put aside as ‘dead,’ for whatever reason, and see if God might be inviting us to claim that part of us and allow it to bless us. As a community we are invited to learn about new ways to revive our community -- perhaps even by connecting with others in the neighborhood who are working passionately to make this community a better place and to alleviate the devastating effects of the pandemic of virus and race.

  • Mental Health and the ‘power of our stories’ was the focus for this week in our Lenten series, and based on the parable for this week, we pondered the question: ‘how could we open our eyes to things or persons around us that may need our support?’ We realize that often times we become too focused in our own little world that we fail to see those around us who might be needing our help. We are generally slow to ask for help, and slower when the need is around mental health, even though it has become a huge concern in this season of COVID. I shared last Sunday the statistics, according to Kaiser Family Foundation that:

  • Last Sunday, as part of the Lenten ritual, we were invited to touch/hold a piece of beach glass that we had received in our Lenten kits and be reminded that just as each piece of that glass is completely unique, we too are uniquely and beautifully created.

  • I am grateful to all who agreed to participate in the planning and celebration of Black History Month! On this Sunday we will hear a touching and personal reflection, on Resilience, by DeShawn Barrett. DeShawn had suggested a few music videos that have been special to him on his journey.