Pip's Perspective

  • I’d like to invite you to the following event. I’ll be there, and it’d be nice to see you there, too! Just as Jesus asks us to care for our neighbors, we can do activism for try to get these neighbors into homes! Interfaith Action for Bring Chicago Home; Monday, May 23rd at 9am.

  • Letting you know that tomorrow there is a “Rally for Abortion Justice” rally tomorrow at Union Park at 9:30am at Union Park. There was a rally last Saturday, too, which I attended, and there are going to be likely weekly rallies on this cause. The list of coalition groups leading this rally is sizeable, and you can see them here.

  • Mother’s Day is this Sunday. For all who celebrate, Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you are a cis woman or trans woman, Happy Mother’s Day! If you nurture anyone or anything at all, be it persons or projects, Happy Mother’s Day! And if this holiday is hard for you, I see you.

  • Just so you know, I will be taking the Summer off from my internship, so my last Sunday with you all this year will be May 29th. My first Sunday back will be September 4th. I will miss all of you, however, it is important that I take a chance to recharge my batteries before beginning my second year of internship. 

  • First of all, I want to put out a reminder that on April 28th at 7pm we will be having a ONE Northside Homelessness Teach-In in the sanctuary. If I get requests to include zoom on this meeting, we will do zoom too. To do zoom, I need RSVP's from people who will be participating that way. Please email me at this address! Jesus said that however we treat those who are struggling is how we treat him, so I think the mandate is clear that we come together to create more housing for our housing insecure neighbors. I hope you join me!