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Attention all children!


Kaleidoscope Choir’s annual retreat is coming up and we want YOU to come!


We will gather at the church Saturday, August 29, from 9:30 am-3:00 pm to learn some new songs, play some music games, have a drum circle, and have a whole lot of fun!! This year, we also plan to re-develop our "choir covenant" and we definitely want all our singers' input. The word "covenant" means "promise"--for our choir, it's a promise or list of promises we make to one another to help our time together be meaningful, worshipful, fun, fair, and safe for everyone.


The retreat is also the perfect time for new singers to start with Kaleidoscope. If you have friends who are interested in singing with us, please extend a special invitation to them to the retreat!


Please wear comfortable clothes and good shoes as we will be doing a lot of stretching, dancing, moving, and playing. (We will help with sunscreen for everyone when we go outside for lunch.) 


Please bring your own water, clearly marked with your name. Lunch and a snack will be provided.  


You may register by emailing Jenn Peterson. Hope you will join us on the 29th!



Emily, Jenn, Julia, and Ruthanne


Kaleidoscope Choir is open to all children 4 and up, including those 3 year olds who will turn four years of age during the upcoming school year.