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Because our believing affects our living, we are committed to making God’s love and justice known in Lakeview and beyond. We partner with a number of ministries locally and globally – both through giving of financial resources and giving of volunteer time. We see ourselves as people of faith who have both the privilege and responsibility to speak for those whose voices are marginalized, so we seek to be a prophetic voice in matters of justice – especially for those living in poverty, violence, or those who are victims of the “isms” of our society (heterosexism & homophobia; racism; sexism; able-ism; ageism; etc.). We see ourselves as people faith who are also meant to partner with God in easing suffering – so we pray that we do that in our efforts to help serve a meal at Lakeview Shelter, to provide a Safe Haven for homeless GLBTQ youth, or by hosting Recovery groups in our space.  In addition, each month Broadway collects donations for a specific organization.


United Methodist Children’s Fund For Christian Mission


The United Methodist Children’s Fund for Christian Mission helps children learn about and make contributions to a select group of mission projects that are chosen for their value in helping children understand what it means to be in mission. Projects change each year which provides children with a variety of learning experiences and a diverse understanding of children in other states and countries. This is a joint program of the General Board of Discipleship and the General Board of Global Ministries. The Children’s Fund seeks to (1) educate children about mission and (2) provide a way for children to give to mission beyond their local church.


Community Partners for Common Good 


CPCG works in partnership with local churches, interfaith, and other community organizations to identify and secure the necessary resources to fulfill community goals and aspirations. Contributions received will support the Loan and Grant Program for Chicago area United Methodist Churches.



You can donate throughout the month – make checks out to Broadway and designate October Mission Minute. You can also donate online by clicking the donate button above right.