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Garrett-Evangelical Announces the Appointment of Dr. Luis R. Rivera as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary has named Dr. Luis R. Rivera as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean. Rivera will begin his term on January 1, 2014, the same day Dr. Lallene Rector assumes the presidency of the seminary. Rivera maintains a thorough and diverse experience of academic teaching, administration, and institutional leadership. Through his home Broadway congregation, he is an exploring candidate for ordination as a United Methodist Deacon in the Northern Illinois Annual Conference...

Draw the Circle Wide Gift to Rev. Greg Dell

Rev. Greg Dell received Draw the Circle Wide, a commissioned Thanksgiving Gift from the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches, on June 23, 2013...



When asked to create something for this special occasion honoring Greg Dell for his service and contributions to the community at large — I struggled with what to make. My first thought was...

2013 Esteem Awards

The 2013 Esteem Awards were presented in July, 2013. This year marked the 7th anniversary of PrideIndex.com’s celebration of honor which recognizes the contributions of African Americans and the LGBTQ community in the areas of entertainment, media, civil rights, business and art. The 2013 Outstanding Service Transgender was presented to Z Jae Williams. The 2013 Outstanding Podcast was presented to The Anna DeShawn Show.

Anna and Z with their Broadway supporters

Thank You from Lakeview Pantry

Did you know that you can volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) on Lakeview Pantry’s behalf? Volunteers from Broadway United Methodist Church recently did this for us, and it was a huge help! We pay just pennies per pound for food from GCFD, so any volunteer labor credit helps us in a big way. For more information visit our volunteer page or visit the Food Depository’s website. Broadway United Methodist Church’s mission overlaps with Lakeview Pantry’s mission in so many ways. Not only have they volunteered on our behalf, they have also collaborated with us on health screenings, and they frequently give out meals to the homeless as well. We are lucky to have such fantastic partners in the fight against hunger, poverty, and homelessness in our community.

Pictured: Lakeview Pantry’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Lothar Greski (in the Lakeview Pantry shirt) joins BUMC in volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Broadway volunteers: Bob Martinez, Greg Harris, Peter Godard, Mel Bose, Charolette Lill, Loraine Edwalds, Ruth Clark, and Mark Van Hyning. Photo from and more information here.

The United Methodist Church was in the news in December, 2013, over the prophetic and pastoral leadership of those who are committed to being in ministry with ALL. Read more about it on pages 8-12 of the December, 2013 Newsletter and speak with Lois if you still have questions. You may also find summaries on the Reconciling Ministries Network website.

Statements after Rev. Frank Schaefer's Trial

Youth Lounge and CLASP (Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program) learned at Annual Conference that our grant proposals for the Creative Ministry Grants from the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church have been Awarded!


Youth Lounge will receive $3,500 for the purpose of producing “Youth Lounge: Our Stories” a book of writing and art from the youth who attend Youth Lounge and YL 101. If you are interested in working on the project (helping youth with writing, editing, etc.), please be in touch with Vincent Wiggins. 


CLASP will receive $3,900 for the purpose of establishing a Speakers’ Bureau in collaboration with NIC’s JFON (Justice For Our Neighbors) to help raise awareness about LGBTQ persons who seek asylum in the US as they flee countries of persecution. 

Celebrating as Youth Lounge & CLASP Win Creative Ministry Grant Awards!

Taylor Gould served as Student Pastor at Broadway from August 30, 2015, to May 22, 2016.


I am from the small town of Swisher, Iowa (population 900), and am a “born and raised” United Methodist. I received my BA in Communication Studies, Religious Studies, and Leadership Studies from the University of Iowa last May. During my college career, I worked at the Wesley Foundation as a Ministry Intern and was able to deconstruct my embedded theology. It was there that I was able to discern my call to ministry as a call to the local parish. It was also there that my passion for justice was nourished. I served as the Pastoral Intern at the UMC next door my final year and was encouraged to attend Garrett-Evangelical in Evanston. I had promised myself that my first year, I would attend as many churches as possible. I attended four before Lois invited me to visit Broadway. Despite the hour commute from my seminary housing, I fell in love with Broadway's diverse community and commitment to fighting ALL injustices. I am excited to serve such a beautiful church community and can’t wait to see what you all have to teach me!

Welcome Student Pastor Taylor Gould!

Celebrating Arrests: From left, Methodist faith leaders Rev. Deborah Tinsley Taylor, Aurora; Bishop Minerva Carcaño, California; and Rev. Alka Lyall, Aurora, show arrest wrist bands after being released by Washington, D.C., police. July 31, 2014.

Broadway welcomes Pastor Alka Lyall, effective July 1, 2015

Rev. Alka Lyall is a life-long Methodist, who is at the table fighting for the inclusion of those who continue to be voiceless and excluded. She grew up in the Methodist Church in India and came to the United States in 1996 as a seminary student. She is an ordained elder in the Northern Illinois Conference and has been serving the people of God, with the people of Northern Illinois Conference, since graduating from Seminary in 2000. She has two sons and a husband without whose support she could not have done anything. Alka has always been an active and involved member of the church. She was a delegate to World Methodist Council as a youth representative from India in 1986 and later served on its Presidium. She has been a delegate to 2012 and alternate to the 2008 General Conference. Alka has chaired and served on various boards, agencies and committees in her conference. She currently chairs the Annual Conference committee of the Northern Illinois Conference and serves on the Board of Directors of Northern Illinois Conference Justice for our Neighbors. She is also active in the Northern Illinois Conference RMN task force. In addition, Alka serves on the RMN Board of Directors and is an elected delegate to the UMC Global General Conference in 2016. Alka desires to share the love of God, which welcomes all people, with all the people of God but especially with those who have been rejected, refused and forgotten by the church. Her prayer is that someday the church will open its doors to all people and to that she continues her ministry.


The relationship builders team will continue to work to make this transition a smooth, healthy, and blessing to the Broadway community.


Christopher Lewis,

Chairperson, Relationship Builders

Tonks Lynch served as Student Pastor at Broadway from September 2015 to June 2016.


(she/her or they/them pronouns) is an MDiv student at the University of Chicago. A native St. Louisan, she attended American University in Washington, D.C. for her undergraduate studies in religions and film. Briefly, Tonks worked for a campus ministry and with youth at a local church in Minneapolis before moving to Chicago in 2013. In the past she has been an activist in a number of movements, including RMN's presence at General Conference 2012 and with the exiles and refugees of Burma on the Thailand border. Outside of classes and enjoying the company at Broadway UMC, she works at a wine shop/wine bar in Evanston, entertains her rescue dog with poorly coordinated dance moves, plays and enjoys music & concerts, works to be anti-kyriarchy, and is generally ridiculous.

Welcome Student Pastor Tonks Lynch!

from Co-Lay- Leaders, Money Ministries, and Relationship Builders


As most of us are aware, Broadway is about to enter a big time of transition. For the last year, we have had a powerful ministry team of 4 strong women. Both our student pastors will have left by the end of June, and Pastor Vernice will be retiring on Sunday June 19. This is an anxious time for all of us -– Pastor Alka will have to adjust to pastoring our church solo for the time being, our student pastors will be entering new church environments they will have to become familiar with, and Pastor Vernice will enter a new and exciting phase of her life and work. And of course, we as the Broadway congregation are anxious about what comes next for us as well. In all of those situations, it is natural for us to be nervous about the possibilities and want definition and clarity about the path we are on as soon as possible.


The biggest question many people in the congregation have is “Will we fill the co-pastor position? How? When?” These are complicated questions, and they do not have a single answer that can be easily given. Here’s what we do know:


• Broadway has never filled this position by a search before – when it was created, Pastor Vernice was hired for it immediately, and it has evolved along with her ministry at Broadway.

• When churches do a search for a new pastor, this process is rarely if ever quick, and it involves first doing a re-definition of the job description and the current needs and mission of the congregation, as opposed to what they were when the job was first created/filled.

• We want to focus as much of our energy now on celebrating the vibrant and prophetic ministry of Pastor Vernice during her last weeks at Broadway.


With those things in mind, the Co-Lay Leaders, Relationship Builders and the Money Ministry teams have been meeting for a few months to envision the best way to move forward. We are working from two basic assumptions:


• For the support of the vibrant and varied ministry of Broadway UMC, we plan to hire a new co-pastor.

• For the emotional health of the co-pastor, and the financial health of Broadway UMC, the co-pastor position needs to be sustainably funded.


The next steps include but are not limited to: Discernment by Teams (CLL, RB and MM working to create a job description and ministry profile); Discernment by Congregation (full congregation working together to assess proposed job description and funding possibilities); Finalizing of Job Description, Funding and Search Process; Search and Hire.


These steps will take time, and our commitment to a complete and transparent process means that we will not be hiring someone right away. Our focus must be on finding the perfect fit for Broadway’s needs and mission. As we move forward, we will keep the congregation informed and engaged in key decision-making.

Transition at Broadway

Jones served as Student Pastor at Broadway from September 2016 to June 2017.


My name is Saralyn Jones, but call me Jones please. I was born and raised in the rugged hospitality of Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. I moved to New York to pursue a degree in Psychology, but was swept into the work of confronting systemic injustice and oppression. I came to Chicago almost 4 years ago and am in my third year at Garrett. I am a community leader with Community Renewal Society and a street activist for the Human Rights Campaign.


    I believe the power of God is for more than personal salvation. The Spirit of God is always resisting oppression, in our systems and structures and in all of creation. I think the church has largely neglected this and I hope to be a voice calling it back. I am excited for the opportunity to serve in your congregation, to laugh and pray, to worship and learn together. May God in all Her splendor, bless our time together.

Welcome Student Pastor Jones!