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This document is not static: it is amended throughout the year as we seek to involve every member in ministry.


God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as God desired. If they were all one member, where would the body be? 

But now there are many members, but one body. 

~ 1 Corinthians 12:15-21

Broadway United Methodist Church: Empowering All in Ministry

Co-Lay Leaders

Emily Enthof

MJ Grimshaw (Property Caregivers advocate)

Demetrius Kelsaw

T Nowacki

Sheila Ashby Schultz


Congregational Care Team

Mel Bose

Yolanda Dietsfield

Helen Nagel

Sheila Ashby Schultz

Amy Wells



Fran Markwardt


ONE Northside

Susan Armstrong

Eric Smith


Lay Members to Annual Conference (Quadrennial)

MJ Grimshaw

TBD, alternate


Property Caregivers (Trustees tasks)

MJ Grimshaw, Chairperson

Don Boedeker, Building Consultant

David Belew

Mel Bose

Chuck Cole

Steve Forst (representing Dignity Chicago)

Kathy Wurster


Money Ministry (Finance tasks)

Ruth Clark, Chairperson

Jon Fallon, Treasurer

Alexia Rivera, Financial Secretary (Staff)

Loraine Edwalds, Invested Funds Coordinator


Counters’ Team:

Charolette Lill, Coordinator


Stewardship Team:

Ruth Clark, Chairperson

Loraine Edwalds

Keri Rainsberger


Relationship Builders (SPRC tasks)

Ines Brookens

Emily McConnell

Sheila Ashby Schultz


Worship Ministries:

Communion, Ushers, Media, Environment, Music, Dance, Liturgists/Gospel Readers, Readers’ Theatre, Visitor Follow-up, Rich Rituals (hiatus), Field Education Lay Support Team (hiatus)


Sowers (Outreach ministry)

Paula Roderick, Convener


Additional teams in outreach ministry:

Annual Tony Vega Thanksgiving Feast

Lakeview Pantry

Youth Lounge Team


Additional ministries:

Education/Spiritual Formation

Multi-Cultural Ministry

People of Color Discussion Group

Anti-Racist White Caucus


Social Media

Hospitality/Coffee Hour

PRIDE Month (June, with CCWC)

Reconciling Ministries Network


Signboard (Jim Bennett)





Are you a Head Cheerleader, Den Mother, Sparkplug, Instigator, Trailblazer, Campaigner, Encourager or Leader with an idea for a ministry? Do you see a place where you’d like to be part of a team?

Your ministry is what our fluid structure is ALL ABOUT!


This celebration of ministries list is probably not exhaustive of “every member in ministry”– many hands work within each of our ministry areas – and also come in the dead of night to drop off supplies or clean or fix something…all for God’s glory!


If you are interested in an area, or have a new idea, please see one of the Pastors or Co-Lay-Leaders.


updated June, 2017