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 In the mean time, let us care for one another and hold one another in prayer. I will pray for you and will always be your partner in justice.




   Dear Broadway Community,    


    Six of us walked in the Pride Parade on Sunday -- thanks Chuck, Dude, Norma, Bob, and M! I know there were several who stood in the crowds to cheer those who were walking, and I know there were many who desired to walk but were unable to. I know they cheered and supported us from where they were. I know every one of us did what they felt called to do.


    Most of you perhaps did not get to see but M had created a poster that they planned to walk with. At the parade, I and 3 others were asked to hold the CCWC banner and walk in the front of the Night Ministry van. I wanted to walk close to the Broadway folx, so I kept telling them to walk as close to me as they could. At one moment, I suggested that M give their poster to someone else and hold the banner with me. They said NO! It was in that moment, when they said, NO, I realized that I was asking them to put on the armor that I thought they should put on! I told M of my realization and stopped telling them what they needed to do.


    How often do we do that? How often do we presume that we know best what is good for our family members, our friends, even our colleagues? How often do we expect people to fit into the mold that we create for them and do not take the time to understand them or accept them for who they are?


    The story of David and Goliath that we heard in church on Sunday reminded us that not all of us are called to do the same thing in the same way -- even if it is for the same cause. Just as David could not wear the armor to fight Goliath, even though Saul was used to the armor, we cannot take on anyone else’s style even if it works for them. Be you, dear ones! And, let others be who they are called to be. Let us not impose our ideas and identities on each other. God has given each one of us exactly what we need to navigate the world and its struggles. We are all intricately and beautifully crafted to be our own selves. Let us encourage people around us to be just that! Let us remind ourselves to do the same!


    Another question we were asked to ponder in church was to think if we, as a community, like Goliath -- like the one who was strong and big and powerful and could not see the struggles of others. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on that! Text me, call me or email me. I can even make time to have a meeting with you, if you prefer telling me in person. Let us have this conversation. And, if, there are ways we have been acting as the Goliath -- then what do we need to do to acknowledge our privilege and change the narrative? God help us as we reflect on the question.