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One of the hardest things about being a part of ARWC is that it makes you see things. As a white person growing up in a world that favors white people, I could "not see" so many of the things that gave me privilege. While my clarity is still less than 20/20, ARWC is like a good pair of spectacles that brings into sharp acuity what the world is really like. Now every Biblical story, every news article, every off-handed comment, every meeting where someone is silenced, every ridiculous racist statement that slips out of my mouth, I must see. Sometimes I leave my glasses at home and miss something, and that is when another member of ARWC is there to help me see. ~ Keri Rainsberger


I really appreciate the sense of community ARWC gives me. It has opened my eyes to so many things, my internal racism and the institutional racism we as a society face every day. I'm glad to have this group where we can talk through things, and learn together.

~ Nathan Jacobs 


The decision/choice to become an anti-racist white person has changed my life. Through the support and challenge of the Anti-Racist White Caucus I am invited to go deeper and do the personal as well as communal work. I see everything through different eyes now and there is no going back. ~ cathy knight


My first experience with personal racism was when at age five I realized I should be afraid of black people...I didn't do that to myself...It was part of the fiber of th elife woven around me...Like the air we breath. Racism had already begun to destroy my humanity...To isolate me from the gift of communion with all God's beloved children. ARWC helps me reclaim my humanity and work for the freedom of all people to live life fully!

~ Teresa Seliga 


I am really grateful that being an anti-racist ally is not a path I have to walk alone; I depend on having companions on the journey as I seek to be aware and intentional (and as I learn from mistakes).

~ Pastor Lois