Alka's Angle July 14, 2023

Dear Broadway Family,


As you may have noticed we are in a 6 week sermon series on the “Social Principles” of the United Methodist Church. We often hear that because of the separation between church and state church should not get involved in political matters, and while we as United Methodists affirm that separation, but Methodists have also been actively involved in social and political matters since their founding in 18th century England.


Methodists were among the primary advocates for the abolition of slavery across the British Empire, the organization of labor unions to protect workers from dangerous working conditions, the ending of the debtors prison system, and the creation of new systems of care for poor children. Given this heritage, we have continued to advocate for other social or political issues since that time, and our Social Principles express that commitment towards a peaceful and just world, and, communicate the denomination’s position on more than 30 social issues. Our Social Principles remind us of our biblical mandate to care for creation and each other. Last two Sundays you heard messages relating to the Natural and Nurturing Community. This Sunday, as we speak of the Social Community we will also welcome our siblings from Holy Covenant UMC for worship and picnic that follows. In the coming weeks we will discuss the Economic, Political and World Community. For more information, I invite you to watch this video series on Church and Politics.


And remember-


  • I will be in Philippines for a GCORR meeting, and we will welcome Rev. Miranda Denler to bring the message based on the social principles for our economic justice. Miranda is an ordained elder in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference and has been worshipping with us for several months now with her husband Robert.
  • On Sunday, July 30th, at 11:00 am, we will join Holy Covenant UMC for their  “Beach Worship” near the "A Signal of Peace" sculpture. You can park at the Diversey Driving Range & Mini Golf then take a short walk under Lake Shore Drive past the Diversey Harbor. You will not miss the sculpture when you come to the lakeside.
  • We are collecting donations for the annual SCHOOL SUPPLY GIVEAWAY.  Please bring your donations (pencils, crayons, erasers, color pencils, index cards, backpacks, glue-sticks, 2 pocket folders, markers, highlighters) to the church or click here to make a financial donation.
  • We have already raised a little over $3000 for the organ repair and media upgrade! Please click here to help us make our goal of $6000 and get the organ repaired.


Beloveds, as people of God, let us continue to do our best, be our best and do all we can to create a safer place for all God’s people. Be blessed and I look forward to seeing you in church.