Alka's Angle September 30, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,

The recent natural disasters have been heavy on my heart this week- typhoon in Laos and Philippines, flooding in Honduras, Nigeria, South Africa and Pakistan, Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and Canada, and Ian in the Carolinas and Florida, and all the surrounding areas that are also affected by those conditions.

And while these conditions are beyond our control, there are other calamities that are caused because of our human choices- besides the damage we have caused to the earth and all of creation, we have the civil war in Myanmar, tension between Belarus and Russia, Ethiopia and Sudan, DRC and Rwanda, and the recent Russian war against Ukraine.

As a country we continue to struggle with the ills of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and gender biases. We continue to see federal and state funds declining to resource public services in our communities- which means more housing instability, mental health concerns, poverty and food insecurity. And we all know that none of these lists are exhaustive. I have only named what came to mind immediately. We all know there is much than that all around us!

I think all of this is on my mind because of a recent experience we had as a church. A member of our community found a small safe corner in our parking lot for them to be. I knew about it, and we have allowed this to happen on our property. Over time, however, things seemed to get out of hand and neighbors started to complain. We had to make the difficult decision to ask them to leave and they complied very respectfully. But, it hurt my heart!


There has to be another way to handle such situations, for us as a community and as a faith community. There are some things we can do to help each other, to help our communities, because God forbid, if any one of us are ever in need, we would hope for the church to help. We need each other! So here is what we are working on-


  • Very soon, we will have a clothes collection box on the Southeast corner of our parking lot- serviced by the GAIA movement. I invite you to explore their website for other ways of reducing out footprint as communities and as individuals. Please share this information with your friends and invite them to leave their donations in the collection box instead of our front door!
  • We are in conversation to have a “love fridge” placed on our property. This project needs a little more planning and work on our part, so if this is something you feel passionate about, please let me know.
  • Beyond our immediate community, we have the Immigrants who can use our assistance. As shared before, baby products and hygiene items are an immediate need, but to see the full list, please click here and drop them off at one of the locations listed here. The city also needs volunteers, so please use this link if you can donate some of your time.  


There are other conversations happening which we will share with you when we have something to share. Beloveds, our God calls us to step outside of our safe buildings and be present in our communities- to share the love of God with God’s people where they are- and of course keep everyone safe. None of us can do everything, but every one of us can do something to make this world a better place and our communities safer for, and welcoming of all people, and let us not forget that whatever we do for anyone in need- we are doing it to a child of God, to the image of God, to God!


Be blessed, and I look forward to seeing you in church.