Pip's Perspective

  • Happy Autumn, Broadway Family! Today, I thought I’d share with you about the first session of our spiritual practice group that was held last night (Thursday evening). 

  • Hello everybody!  Last week, I discussed a couple of the offerings I'll be working on this school year at Broadway. The social justice initiative, which we'll be brainstorming all together about in October, and the spiritual practice group. 

  • As I mentioned last week, it is so exciting to be back! This is a lovely community, and I am pleased to have another school year connecting with you. I have a couple of special projects that I'll be focusing on this year that I would like to tell you about. The first is a Spiritual Practice group, and the other is the revitalized social justice committee (both of these are still needing snazzy names!). 

  • I am back for one more school year of my internship at Broadway United Methodist Church! I'm very excited to be jumping back into this work, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue serving this lovely community. Over the summer, I really missed being with you. This is a very warm and welcoming congregation, and I enjoyed my time last year quite a lot! 

  • As I've mentioned before, my last day of this school year's internship is May 29th. That means that this is the last "Pip's Perspective" until next fall. I will be back in September, and over the Summer I'll be busy moving Wren and myself to Edgewater. I will miss you! 

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