Lee's Lexicon April 29, 2022

Hello Broadway!


So I'm back over in Europe this week; uitwaaien is a fun Dutch word that literally means something along the lines of 'blow out' but that...does not remotely capture the actual meaning of it. What it means is to go outside on a windy day and just...feel the wind, let it refresh you. To walk with and in the wind, and let it carry away your stress and your worries.


It's a fun word for something that we've all maybe done, on purpose or just coincidentally as a consequence of being outside already - it's not like there's any shortage of wind here in Chicago.


But we can also, as ever, take it further - we can let the wind be something that, more than just taking away our worries and fears and stresses, takes them toward God. The wind holds the Holy Spirit as much as anything else; make use of it.


The next time you're outside and there's wind, just...take a moment to feel it. To let it move over and around you, and just throw what's troubling you into the whirlwind (possibly not literally though, that might get you in trouble).


Let the wind be a reminder of the breath of life that God created you with.


Let it carry the words of love that Jesus spoke to you.


Let it remind you that the Spirit is always with you.



And most of all, let it carry the things that are weighing on your heart to someone who has more strength to bear them than we ever could.


Lee M. Rollins