Pip's Perspective October 21, 2022

Hi Broadway family! 

In yesterday's Spiritual Practice Group, we read a poem by John Wesley (the founder of methodism). Before now, we've always done our personal contemplation about scripture, but I thought we could try something new. 

The poem is called, "Hymn IV: Ho! Everyone That Thirsts, Draw Nigh." 

A few lines that stuck out to me:

"See from the Rock a fountain rise! 
For you in healing streams it rolls;
Money ye need not bring, nor price,
Ye labouring, burdened, sin-sick souls. 

Nothing ye in exchange shall give, 
Leave all you have and are behind, 
Frankly the gift of God receive, 
Pardon and peace in Jesus find."

That's a lot to take in, isn't it? There are harsh and unpleasant words (sin-sick souls) as well as words of beauty (pardon and peace). The whole poem has a lot of this kind of contrast. I think that he contrasted the harshness with the sweet to help the reader really appreciate the gift of grace that comes from God. Mercy that soothes is a real treasure. 


I am grateful for mercy, for grace, and for beauty. May you also find these things in your lives, and in the coming week!