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Thank you for a wonderful goodbye party Broadway! It was such a pleasure to eat good food and talk with everyone once again. For those of you who were not able to attend, I’ve got some great news to share with you!


I’m going to Eugene First United Methodist Church in Oregon to serve as their Associate Pastor of Mission and Formation. This position is really exciting because it partners both education for all generations and action which is exactly how we grow and expand in our discipleship practices as followers of Jesus. Talk about a challenge and fun to figure out service projects, advocacy, and deepening educational opportunities.


Alongside my new ministry adventures, I’ve also got an exciting life adventure that is happening this summer too. I’m getting married in Anchorage, Alaska. And you may know my partner, Thomas Connor. Thomas is a high school English teacher originally from Alaska, and I am incredibly grateful to have a partner in crime for this next life adventure. I will be sure to send a picture to you this summer!


Broadway has greatly impacted my life and will continue to impact my future ministry. First of all, I have learned what it means to truly match our lives with our mission of sharing God’s love with our world, our lives are truly our vocation and response to God’s call upon our lives. Learning the lesson of creativity and flexibility from Broadway has been tough, yet it has opened me to so many challenging and beautiful parts of ministry. Finally, y’all have taught me what it means to be siblings in Christ with one another, continuing to draw the circle wider and welcoming people from all walks of life into this complicated family of God.


May God who creates, sustains, and redeems our lives continue to walk alongside you in this forever journey of growing and flourishing justice in our world!



Paz y Salud, Jessie