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Sowers to All the World


"Sowers" is the name given our team that has oversight for outreach efforts (historically called "mission;" we've reclaimed the ministry of being present to others in need, offering outreach that helps to make the world a more just and equitable place).


Youth Lounge began as a ministry of Sowers as we dreamed of a way to be in relationship with the young people in our neighborhood who are in need; each year we take a team to the United Methodist "Volunteers in Mission" site at Spirit Lake Ministry Center on the Dakotah Reservation as we seek to be in relationship with the Dakotah people and help out in tangible ways on the Reservation.


We meet throughout the year to consider other hands -- on projects (food drives, 5K walks for a purpose, etc.) as well as to determine the "Mission Minutes" of the calendar year -- a way that we give financially to projects beyond the walls of Broadway and even Chicago, as we hope to make a small contribution to justice nationally and globally.


Annually we host the Tony Vega Memorial Thanksgiving Dinner (Thanksgiving Day), and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Chili Cook-off and Poetry Slam (MLK Day) -- both are community potluck meals where we celebrate the family of God.


Here's how we got our name "Sowers."




Mission Minutes


Because our believing affects our living, we are committed to making God’s love and justice known in Lakeview and beyond. We partner with a number of ministries locally and globally – both through giving of financial resources and giving of volunteer time. We see ourselves as people of faith who have both the privilege and responsibility to speak for those whose voices are marginalized, so we seek to be a prophetic voice in matters of justice – especially for those living in poverty, violence, or those who are victims of the “isms” of our society (heterosexism & homophobia; racism; sexism; able-ism; ageism; etc.). We see ourselves as people faith who are also meant to partner with God in easing suffering – so we pray that we do that in our efforts to help serve a meal at Lakeview Shelter, to provide a Safe Haven for homeless GLBTQ youth, or by hosting Recovery groups in our space.  In addition, each month Broadway collects donations for a specific organization.



Youth Lounge


The Youth Lounge provides a bi-monthly safe space for resilient youth and young people of the Lakeview community. All Youth Lounge participants make up our extended church family, as we identify our young people as a “part of us.”