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People of Color (POC) Discussion Group


Mission Statement: We are a spiritually alive, God-centered community of BUMC that welcomes and  honors those who identify as POC. We recognize with intention the experiences, identities, and strengths of our multiethnic, multicultural and multiracial membership. We accomplish our mission through the following actions: communication, respect, justice education, healing laughter collaboration with ARWC, appreciation and affirmation, sharing our gifts within and beyond the walls of Broadway church, sharing our culture, events and gatherings that celebrate our cultures.


POC meets monthly on the third Sunday, following the 11am worship service. For further information contact Sheila at 773-529-4740 or Ines at 414-426-7742. 



Anti-Racist White Caucus (ARWC)


In our commitment to living into our declaration as an anti-racist institution, Broadway's training and learning has shown us the value of racial identity caucusing. While we sometimes meet with the People of Color (POC) Discussion Group, we've discovered the necessity of meeting with other white people as we "do our own work" toward racial healing.


Anti-Racist White Caucus Testimonials


Why is there an Anti-Racist White Caucus at Broadway United Methodist Church?


We've read: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander; White Like Me by Tim Wise; Dismantling Racism by Joseph Barndt


ARWC gathers monthly on the third Sunday (following the 11am worship service.)


As we lament the many hurts of our world, we pray for justice and peace, and most importantly, we call on one another to act. We are witnesses to heinous injustices in our nation, and we are faced with a simple choice: to act or to look away. It's hard to know just what to do when we are overwhelmed by media telling conflicting stories, by a system that sets up our children of color for failure, by nations at war. One thing we can do, however, is gather together and keep the conversation going. As we bring our sadness and anger, we hope to create a space to express our feelings and to help us use our anger for good.


We meet following church on the third Sunday of each month, concurrently with the People of Color Discussion Group (POC). Each meeting, we will start with a potluck lunch to energize us for the work we have to do. We have chosen Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow to guide our discussion this fall. Please join me in recommitting to this necessary work. We have much to do.


Anyone who identifies as an anti-racist white person is welcome to join our discussion. To find more information, please find our Facebook group, BUMC ARWC, and/or join our yahoo email group by sending an email to broadway-arwc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, with the subject line “subscribe."