Alka's Angle December 11, 2020

Dear Broadway Family,

Yes, this is the graphic I am sharing, and No, my intention is not to scare anyone or to bring your spirit down in this season, but I do want to caution us all!


We have been seeing a significant increase in numbers since Thanksgiving because of all the gatherings folk had and travel that was involved. Hard as it sounds, friends it is very important that we all stay safe at our own places and if there is any plan to see family -- please, please, please -- do all the right things: quarantine, get tested, wash your hands frequently, and wear mask when around people. We do not want you to get sick or live with the guilt of causing a threat to someone else’s life. If we follow these precautions now, then, God willing, we will have a chance to many more Christmases to enjoy with family and friends.


As far as rituals -- we at church will try our best to give you as close an experience as we can! For that -- here is our plan so far:



  • So, if you haven’t done it already, no worries -- it is not too late to create your own Advent wreath, and have it by you on Sunday, so you can light your own Advent candles during worship.


  • We have planned a “Blue Christmas” service for Monday, December 21st at 5:30pm. The service will be offered outside in the yard -- so anyone from the community can join in. We will be sharing it live on the Broadway UMC facebook page (make sure you ‘like’ the page, if you are on fb). We are also in the process of activating our YouTube channel to live cast, so those who are not on Facebook will still be able to join.
  • Our Christmas Eve service will be at 7pm. As of right now, we know it will be a live zoom service. Here is the video link for the service. To join by phone in Chicago: Call 312-626-6799. When prompted, enter meeting ID: 849 0535 9518 and password: 655103. We will also be streaming it on Facebook and, hopefully, on YouTube giving access to as many folx in as many ways as we possibly can. 
  • And, don’t forget our Mitten tree outside the building -- ADD to it if they can, and take anything you may NEED! 
  • When you go for/order your groceries -- please think of ordering a can or two extra for our pantry, if you can, so we can keep that stocked in this season of sharing and caring! 


Friends, let’s not allow COVID to stop us from doing what we are called to do in this season. COVID may mean we need to pivot and do thing a little differently -- but let’s not stop supporting, sharing, caring for one another, and celebrating the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Please do take good care of you -- wash hands frequently, wear a mask when out and about, and, stay home if we can. Let us also take care of each other, check in with each other often and encourage one another to stay positive. May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice,