Alka's Angle

  • I want to first take a moment to thank you for the calls, cards, messages, flowers, wine :-) , chocolate, and the surprise zoom celebration with so many of you. I am grateful to Satia and Charolette for planning, and for every one of you who participated. I had a perfect day! I felt special and grateful to be part of the Broadway family. Thank you all for being such an amazing part of this community and for making this a welcoming place for all.

  • This coming Sunday will be the 28th Sunday of zoom worship! Seasons and celebrations have come and gone, and we have learned to celebrate them differently, to worship differently and to be community differently -- for even though we have not been ‘together’ in the same space like we were used to -- we have been in community. As I said on ‘Broadway Connect’ fb: ‘We may not have gathered AT church, we have been gathering AS church.’ And that is important for all of us to remember. We are a beloved community and we shall remain that -- whatever changes come our way. 

  • 9/11! This date perhaps is etched in the memory of all who were of the age to understand the severity of what we experienced that day! Our world changed that day! Our country had not experienced anything like that before and we thought nothing worse than that could ever happen to us again. While we have not experienced another tragedy caused by external elements, we’ve certainly not been immune to internal conditions that make life difficult for people. Specially this year, the reality of racial inequity has surfaced like never before, and the decisions of our administration are creating extremely difficult circumstances for people of color, people with limited resources and people with disabilities. 

  • The lay-leadership of our church and I have decided that we will open our building for in-person worship beginning this Sunday, September 6th. The building is prepared and safety measures are in place. And we also need your support to make the experience safe and welcoming for all. For that, please make sure you sign up to attend in-person worship by clicking here. When you arrive:

  • When you read this, I will be at the end of my time away from pulpit and church responsibilities. And I would like to thank everyone who made this possible: