Alka's Angle

  • While the impact of COVID is lesser with each passing day here in this country, it is far from managed in many other countries. India and Brazil have seen the highest number of confirmed cases, followed by France, Turkey and Russia.

  • We all sat at the edge of our chairs and at least I could not pay attention to much of anything else. There was anxiety and also a hint of uncertainty. I hoped we would hear what would be fair and at the same time I was bracing myself for the worst! So, the news came as a sigh of relief -- albeit momentarily.

  • It seems like I have not talked to you in a while and there is so much pent up that needs to be shared and discussed -- so much in our world that needs a response to. We woke up this morning to yet another mass shooting, this time in Indianapolis.

  • We talked about environmental health last week, reminding ourselves that we cannot hope to have a good life on earth if we don’t think of also caring for the earth. We committed to doing all we can to create less pollution for the environment, save as much electricity and water as we can and be conservative in our use of all earthly resources -- reuse and recycle as much as we can so not too much is added into the landfills. I hope we all can do our part to protect our planet.