Alka's Angle

  • Have you looked outside? It is gorgeous! The colors, the sun, the leaves on the ground- all are such a beautiful reminder of the seasons and their importance in our lives, and for the survival of all things. While the colors are beautiful, the season is also a reminder that this year is fast coming to a close. So, a  few reminders to you for the rest of the year-

  • As I have shared before, and as we all perhaps know- latest reports indicate that about 1,500 migrants have arrived to Chicago from Texas and more continue to arrive almost every day. There are indications that as many as 10,000 migrants could arrive in Chicago by the end of the calendar year. This means there is ongoing need for donations to help provide and welcome these persons/families.

  • The recent natural disasters have been heavy on my heart this week- typhoon in Laos and Philippines, flooding in Honduras, Nigeria, South Africa and Pakistan, Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and Canada, and Ian in the Carolinas and Florida, and all the surrounding areas that are also affected by those conditions.

  • Dear Broadway Family, My heart is filled with gratitude for you all beautiful people who call Broadway UMC your spiritual home. And there are many reasons for it.

  • As you may all know the City of Chicago started receiving busloads of migrants from Texas late August and the process still continues. Chicago has not only received them but is working hard to help them settle into their new home. Northside elected officials have come together to collect donations of new items for these families.