Alka's Angle

  • If you live in Lakeview or have come to our building lately, you probably know of the new place that recently opened across the street from us, on the southwest corner of Broadway and Buckingham. I have to say, when Epic Kitchens was opening, I did not know what to make of it. The concept fascinated Abe and I so we ordered food from there and we were pretty impressed.

  • I attended a ‘De-escalation Training’ this week through ONE Northside, offered by Hollaback, a global movement working towards ending harassment in any form it presents itself (one more way we can live out our baptismal vow to resist injustice), and training folk around the globe to feel empowered to intervene in a way that does not put themselves at risk.

  • This Sunday in church we will celebrate the “Baptism of Jesus” and will renew our own baptismal vows -- one of which is to resist evil and injustice in whatever forms they may present themselves. I invite you to think of that vow this week as we prepare our hearts to recommit to it on Sunday during worship. What does that mean for you as a person and for us as a collective? The opportunities are endless, so we will really need to find what really tugs at your heart. If it is communal, please do share with me.

  • I am sure you heard it too! I have heard many people speculate that, if we are not able to keep the infections numbers under control then the coming year could feel like a 2020 too, instead of 2022! I hope not, but I also recognize the possibility of it happening, if we are unable to get more people vaccinated!

  • These past two years have been so different from the previous years. We have had to let go of so many rituals we were used and learn ways to connect with family, and celebrate the season of holidays. I remember we used to have a Christmas cantata at church and go out caroling in the evening.

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