Alka's Angle

  • This Sunday we are attempting a Virtual Hymn Sing! Robert is very excited about this. I am looking forward to it....When can we sing together? Well, that would be a while! ...Even when the state allows it, we will have to be careful in getting all our precautional plans in place before we can safely be back in the building...Whatever we do, it will be keeping all of our people in mind and we are aware that even with that, every person will decide for themselves -- based on their own needs and comfort. In the meantime, we will continue to be the community that Broadway is and support one another virtually. 

  • I am having a hard time keeping track of how many days we have been following the ‘safe at home’ orders. I had to look that up! This is our 9th week. And many of us have gotten used to this new way of being and working (no, I did not say everyone), and even though we all have some rough days -- generally we are learning to be in this new reality! For this I am grateful.

  • I recently came across this meme! And that just about sums it up for me. Don’t get me wrong! I truly appreciate all the people and places that are offering their services online and all the smart people who are trying to help us deal with this ‘staying home’ thing. And to be honest, I have attended some of them. They are all good! That’s not my concern. I just cannot do one more webinar or zoom meeting that wants to help me deal with the COVID fatigue! My fatigue comes from the online meeting that is trying to help me deal with it! Are you tired too? I understand! 

  • We are in the 6th official week under ‘stay at home’ orders. And even though I have been presenting a brave front for everyone, there are days when they feel heavy and I want to scream ‘enough of this.” And when that moment is over I realize that staying at home is uncomfortable for us, sometimes, but if I did not follow this order then some people’s lives could be at risk. 

  • Today, for some reason, I am feeling the weight of this pandemic more than ever -- a friend shared their elderly friend tested positive, a member of a neighboring church went to the hospital with fever (roommate is positive), a rehab center in the neighborhood has had more than 10 COVID related deaths, the jails, the nursing homes and the list goes on.