Alka's Angle

  • If you are following our governor’s daily briefings then you know that our state reported 1,772 COVID cases yesterday -- highest number of cases in more than 2 months. Governor Pritzker suggested that our state is reaching the ‘danger point,’ and inviting residents to ‘pay attention’ --  to wear masks, maintain safe distancing and wash hands as frequently as we can.

  • I had posted an apology on the church’s facebook page right after worship last week, but I know that not everyone is on facebook, so I wanted to take some time here and once again apologize to those who were in worship last week and felt disrespected, disrupted and harmed by the comments that were posted in the chat space (those who were not in worship -- please refrain from asking what happened -- no one needs to re-live that).

  • I have been pondered on this question recently -- "how are you doing?" That is an interesting question and if you hear the question like I do, then we have different responses to the question for different people. To some the answer simply is, “I am fine. And you?” We may have a little more detailed answer for a few others,  but there are a handful of folk to whom you can honestly answer. 

  • As our city and state enter into phase IV, we at Broadway have also begun to finalize our plans for ‘slowly’ opening our building. To say that this has been a challenging year, is an understatement. Beloved, while we all long for that day when we will be able to gather again in person, we know that things will be different, and we know that the day, when ALL of us can be together, is not in our new future. 

  • Today is June 19th, better known to our African American siblings as JUNETEENTH, the day that marks the end of slavery and the independence of countless enslaved people -- a day finally arrived two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation! This is the 155th year Anniversary of ‘Black Independence Day’ in America. I ask though -- did it end slavery?