Alka's Angle

  • If you have worshipped at Broadway even for the last few months only, then you have heard Tim playing the organ. The organ stopped working around Easter but Tim has continued to play the portable keyboard and has blessed us with his music. And, even though the keyboard has been a good temporary solution, we do need to get the organ fixed!

  • You might be aware that since August last year, the State of Texas has been sending asylum seekers to Chicago. The City of Chicago, being a Welcoming City, has a responsibility to provide for our asylum seeking siblings. There being not enough places the city has organized to house them, they have been staying at various police stations and sleeping on the floor- some also staying at the 19th District Police Station on Addison. 

  • Recently a member of the community sent us an email telling us that as they were researching for something- they found an article that spoke of our church having POWWOWS! I was intrigued and asked if they would share the article. The article is from Chicago Daily Tribune, dated Feb 11, 1940 and speaks of the gathering of “Indian braves with their squaws and papooses from 12 tribes” at Broadway Methodist Church.

  • Yes friends, it is that time! Time to exercise our civic duty and vote! Early voting is open in all our neighborhoods! If you are not yet registered to vote- you can register at any of these early voting locations- make sure to bring two forms of IDs and click here if you need to know more about voter registration.