Alka's Angle July 3, 2019

Dear Broadway Family,

     Some of you may be aware of the vandalism experienced by the Wicker Park Lutheran Church recently (thank you Nick for bringing the story to our attention). The pride flags that were hung from their building were torn once and defaced the second time. The pastor of the church, Rev. Glombicki however is ‚Äúdetermined not to let hate win. "That's what our faith teaches us," he said. "That it's not just about hate and what others do, it's about continuing to respond in love." Rev. Glombicki also committed to place rainbow flags in their yard and invited the community to join their congregation in speaking against this expression of hate, to remember our baptismal vows of resistance against evil and injustice and to remember that we are called to continue to show and share love. Click here to read the full story, but to stand in solidarity with them we a sign in our yard and we have posted a message to them on their facebook page and ours. We invite you to:


  • Buy/donate small rainbow flags that we can place in our yard,
  • Sign the cards that we will have on Sunday, to send them to the congregation, or
  • Share personal notes and stories with the pastor and members of Wicker Park Lutheran Church.




     Sadly this is not the only act of violence that is experienced by us. The inhumane treatment of Immigrant kids is also a violation of human dignity and we as followers of Jesus are called to speak against. Please stay vigilant to any invite/information of protests/actions against our government policies to handle the Immigrant crisis.

     Our world is becoming more and more intolerant towards anything or anyone that does not look, feel, sounds familiar. Our God calls us to show love, share love, and respond in love. May we find ways to express our faith in the love to all who may intentionally or unintentionally cause us harm.



     Friends, let us work towards becoming a church where all can feel welcome, all can feel accepted and all feel loved. And remember, I am always your partner in justice!