Alka's Angle March 19, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,


Spiritual Health was the focus for this week in our Lenten series, and the parable we focused on was of Jesus bringing the dead girl back to life, saying to those gathered, “She is not dead, she is sleeping!” The invitation to us is to think of the part of our life that we have put aside as ‘dead,’ for whatever reason, and see if God might be inviting us to claim that part of us and allow it to bless us. As a community we are invited to learn about new ways to revive our community -- perhaps even by connecting with others in the neighborhood who are working passionately to make this community a better place and to alleviate the devastating effects of the pandemic of virus and race.


For the virus -- perhaps we can find a way to help those who may not have a way to get to a clinic/site for vaccination -- any volunteers?


For the race -- where do I start? There is no limit to what needs to be done for racial justice in this country. I would lie if I said justice for Asians (yes, I mean Asians) is not on my mind. It seems we are almost always the forgotten people when it comes to racial justice. From March 2020 to February 2021 there were 3,795 hate crimes against Asians reported to the Stop AAPI Hate but we barely talked about them. The recent killing of 6 Asians in Atlanta has brought ‘justice for Asians’ to everyone’s attention but I do hope that we don’t forget about it, again, in a few days or weeks. It is time we expand our justice language and refrain from speaking of it in binary terms -- for it is not only a specific race, identity or people that need justice, but in this country where white supremacy, misogyny and xenophobia seem to be unleashed, it is important that we remain mindful of all intersections when we speak of justice.


For the community -- during the pandemic a new group started in the neighborhood that is only used to share things we do not need and look for those we might need. It is a ‘buy nothing, sell nothing’ group. What a wonderful idea! I this season of pandemic when folk are losing their sources of income, this helps us share what we have with our neighbors, and it enables recycling and therefore caring for our environment, which is our focus for next week. If you are on Facebook and live in Lakeview you may want to join the group. If you live somewhere else, you might think of starting one there. Small ways with big impact!


Beloveds, may we all find our unique ways to claim our place in making this world a better place for all. Also -- don’t forget to take some time to look at the reflection pages for this week.

And, together, let us continue on this journey towards health and wholeness. Let us claim our identity as a beloved child of God, and let us remember to do all we can to make this world a better place for all who live in it.  And remember, I am always your partner in this work of justice!