Alka's Angle March 31, 2021

An Easter Letter from Rev. Alka


Dear family and friends,

Kintsugi “golden joinery", also known as kintsukuroi "golden repair", is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.


The technique is believed to have originated in the late 15th century, but it enamored the collectors as an inspirational and Zen way of looking at life -- seeing beauty even in broken objects, and embracing the flaws and imperfections.


Similar was the theme of our Lenten series, “Holy Vessels” (prepared by Worship Design Studio), reminding us that each of us is created a precious and holy vessel of embodied love. We were reminded that even when life feels like a glass vessel fractured into pieces, God is always beside us ready to remind us that God sees us as God’s beloved, with our flaws, imperfections and brokenness, and invites us to a journey of making something beautiful from our experiences of brokenness. We looked at many healing stories of Jesus throughout our season of Lent that tell of Jesus’ divine solidarity with human suffering. Every week we were called to take one more step towards healing (which is different from cure), and wholeness.


Easter therefore, is the ultimate story of healing -- through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter is a time of joyous celebration of new beginnings, new hope, new life and a promise of renewed relationship with God. It is a reminder of God’s presence with us always, and therefore gives us the courage to be who we are called to be, and to bring hope and wholeness to all who struggle in this world. We continue to seek ways to proclaim the message of resurrection, and invite you to join us in that rewarding work. We seek to share a small part of our abundance with our hurting world, even as we are cared for in our times of need and pain. Join us in this joyous proclamation, so all may see and witness Christ through our being and our actions.


We will remind ourselves of Jesus’s solidarity with human suffering, as we journey with Jesus through the season of Passion -- joining for the


  • Maundy Thursday service at 7pm on Thursday, April 1st,
  • Good Friday service at 7pm on Friday, April 2nd,
  • and then, sing the Alleluias together with the SONrise service at 6:15am at the Clock Tower, in person (at Lake Michigan, 3701 N Recreation Dr, Chicago, IL 60613), or virtually,
  • and finally at our Celebration of Resurrection virtual worship service at 11:00am, acknowledging and celebrating our Kintsugi Lives as together we proclaim, “Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!”


(For more information on the services, including how to join by phone, see our events page.)

Do join us for any or all of these worship experiences. The Joy of Resurrection is more powerful when we first accept and acknowledge the pain and brokenness of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The message of life and resurrection becomes real for us through this experience -- not taking away the brokenness, passion and pain of our lives, but giving us the strength to go through them as confident followers of Christ, living in the hope of resurrection!


God bless you all, and I can’t wait to see you, albeit virtually for a little while longer,


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