Alka's Angle May 1, 2019

Dear Broadway Family,


     I can not say I am surprised, but I am definitely saddended by the recent decison of the Judicial Council regarding the consitutionality of the “Traditional Plan.” The General Conference had voted on them as a cluster, but the Judicial Council decided to separate and handle them individually.


They upheld their original decision report again that 7 petitions of the Traditional plan were unconstitutional. The petitions that were declared constitutional, and will take effect in the US as part of our denomination on Jan 1, 2020, include the following rules:


  • Queer clergy that are out and open can be brought on charges for being who they are,
  • More restrictions on Bishops consecrating gay Bishops,
  • Pastors performing same gender weddings will have a one year suspension for the first complaint, but if there is another complaint against them, then their orders will be revoked,
  • There will be stricter scrutiny of candidates for ministry,
  • A timeline set for complaints to be referred or dismissed,
  • “Just Resolutions” will identify all the ways in which violations will be addressed,
  • The church has a right to appeal in cases where the decision may be based on erroneous information.


     One of the other petitions that was declared constitutional is the ‘disaffiliation’ petition which goes into effect immediately, and allows churches to disaffiliate with a 2/3 vote at the church conference, and after satisfying financial obligations which include pension liabilities and approximately 2 years of apportionments. To read the full report of the Judicial Council, click here.

      Friends, as I have said many times since the special called General Conference, the church/denomination as we knew it is dead and gone, but here is the truth. The denomination and the rules are not the church. Church is made of the people that sit in the pews on Sunday mornings and are present for each other and do the work of God throughout the week in whatever setting they find themselves. So, no pronouncement or declaration takes away from the God given right to be who we are and fully live into that. Doing anything less is incompatible with Christ’s teachings.

     Let us not be distracted by those that try to bring fear and negative energy in our space, and let us continue to be who God has called us to be. Let us keep sharing the love of God with this hurting world.



God bless you and remember, I am always your partner in justice!