Alka's Angle May 22, 2019

Dear Broadway Family,

     I have a house guest this week. J is from DC and friend of Jones (our former student intern). J is here in Chicago for 3 weeks to work with a canvassing office. When J arrived yesterday, we talked about the work she and her team will be doing. I am grateful for her and all those who are spending their time walking the streets of Chicago and asking people their opinion about the recent attack on women’s rights on their bodies. As we speak more than one dozen states are on their way to ban abortion about six weeks after conception, which pretty much means before many women even realize they are 

are pregnant. In a handful of states, the bills have already been signed into law.

     I am flabbergasted at this! I cannot imagine how do some people feel it is their right to pass judgement on other person’s body or being or rights or choices, as long as they are not adversely affecting your basic rights or are not destructive. A woman should have the right to her body and choices. Every human should have that right!

     There was an “Emergency” rally to save Reproductive Rights on Monday evening at the Federal Plaza and I did not feel I had a choice but to go. I needed to go because that is the only response I could have that would reflect our Broadway welcome statement. With the recent arson attempt to the Anshe Sholom building, we want to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all people that come into our building. So, yesterday I went to a safety training in the evening because that is the only response we can have that would reflect our Broadway welcome statement.

     How are you making sure that the Broadway Welcome Statement is reflected in your actions throughout the week? I would love to hear from you. Text me, email me, call me or use social media.

     Let us continue to do what God has called us to do. Let us strive to be fully ourselves. Let us create spaces where everyone can be fully known and respected. Let us keep sharing the love of God with this hurting world. God bless you and remember, I am always your partner in justice!