Pip's Perspective May 20, 2022

Hello everyone!


I’d like to invite you to the following event. I’ll be there, and it’d be nice to see you there, too! Just as Jesus asks us to care for our neighbors, we can do activism for try to get these neighbors into homes!


Interfaith Action for Bring Chicago Home

Monday, May 23rd at 9am

City Hall, 121 N. Lasalle 

Meet at Randolph Entrance between Clark & Lasalle

RSVP here if you haven't already!



Also, a reminder that the end of my first year of internship is May 29th, so if you’d like to talk to me before that time, please get in touch right away! I’ll be back in September.


Also on May 29th we are having an Asian American and Pacific Islanders movie night. We’ll be watching movie clips and discussing, just like we did with African American movie night! Please send me your favorite movie clips, so that I can include them in this fun evening!



Be well, and be blessed!


Epiphany (Pip) Paris