Alka's Angle

  • Some of you followed the recent gathering in Minneapolis of people who drafted and supported the Simple Plan. The meeting was called to center the voices of POC+Q+T persons, but allies were welcome and their presence was appreciated. The gathering was to bring together all the POC+Q+T voices to see how we wanted to move forward in this denomination that has clearly lost its focus and vision and even place in many committed Wesleyan people.

  •  I have a house guest this week. J is from DC and friend of Jones (our former student intern). J is here in Chicago for 3 weeks to work with a canvassing office. When J arrived yesterday, we talked about the work she and her team will be doing. I am grateful for her and all those who are spending their time walking the streets of Chicago and asking people their opinion about the recent attack on women’s rights on their bodies.

  • We talked about the story of Phillip and the Eunuch from the book of Acts, where the Eunuch is reading from the Bible. After they have a conversation and, I am hoping, a dialog about the scripture, they find water in the desert and there is baptism.

  • We have not been using the lectionary for the month of May because of our sermon series on “Broadway’s Welcome Statement” so we did not hear a message on the passage that is labeled as the story of “Doubting Thomas.” I feel for the guy! I love the story! I also love his courage!

  •  I can not say I am surprised, but I am definitely saddended by the recent decison of the Judicial Council regarding the consitutionality of the “Traditional Plan.” The General Conference had voted on them as a cluster, but the Judicial Council decided to separate and handle them individually.

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