Alka's Angle April 17, 2019

Dear Broadway Family,


     Last Sunday was interesting! I heard many comments, including an announcement made at church about ordering Easter Poinsettias, wishing one another Merry Palm Sunday and even reminding folks to bring their ice skates to the SONrise service. People said it was White Palm Sunday!


     What was interesting to me was the reminder of how we train our minds. We have associated snow with Christmas, so seeing snow on Palm Sunday made us all a little creative with our expressions and celebrations.


     We do the same with stories. When we were preparing for yesterday’s worship we were reminded that Luke never talks about Palms in the story. In fact, only John does! The story of Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem is in all for gospels, but Mark and Matthew talk about branches from trees and Luke only talks about clothes. One story, four gospels -- each tells their own version. It is interesting how what we remember and how details become part of a narrative.

     This week, as we are reminded of the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, and experience the story retold, I invite us to pay attention to the details of the story -- who is telling the story? Why might a particular detail be important for them? What else might be going on? And why just that story? I invite you to listen to every story with that mindset! Listen to the details, pay attention to the one who is narrating, and look for all other nuance before you make up your mind! I can tell you I have been corrected many a time -- when I saw a story that looked worth sharing on fb and have shared it, only to be told by another reader that the story is either ‘old news’ or that there is more to the story than what met my eye.

     But for this week -- all eyes are on the Jesus story -- revisiting the last week of his life in human form. Come join us on Thursday for our Maundy service @ 7pm. Service will include hymns, hand-washing and a simple meal. Following worship, stay for our ‘All Night Prayer Vigil” if you can. On Friday, we will have a Tenebrae service @ 7pm. Easter Sunday will begin with the SONrise service at 5:45am by the lake, followed by Easter Brunch at 10am at church and then the Worship Service @ 11am.



     And as we prepare, let us continue to think of where we find ourselves in the story? How do we help or hinder the work of extending God’s love in this world? God bless you and remember, I am always your partner in justice!