Alka's Angle July 10, 2020

Dear Broadway community,

I have been pondered on this question recently -- "how are you doing?" That is an interesting question and if you hear the question like I do, then we have different responses to the question for different people. To some the answer simply is, “I am fine. And you?” We may have a little more detailed answer for a few others,  but there are a handful of folk to whom you can honestly answer. 

Lately, I have been asked that question a lot! I am sure you are too. After all, we are in the 17th week of ‘staying safe at home.’ Yes, I am still counting because while the orders to stay home have been relaxed and many businesses and offices are open -- not everyone is able to go. 


Privilege is such an interesting concept. A few weeks ago we said, ‘only the privileged are able to stay safe at home.’  Today because we are talking about leaving home, we are reminded that only the privileged get to go out. Those with compromised health are still fearful of leaving the safety of their homes. Reminds us --that we all can be privileged at different times of our lives or in different situations. 


I feel privileged today to write to you as your pastor -- beginning the 6th year of my ministry with you. How am I doing? Dare I say, I feel like the bird sitting at the top of the branch in the picture above. I am sitting at the top, but the branch is always swaying and swinging, requiring me to hold my balance and focus. Our time together is filled with this swinging and swaying, but we have found a way to keep our focus and maintain balance. For that, I am thankful! I am thankful for each one of you for helping me maintain that balance -- give a little when I need to and hang on tight if need be. With the help of God and the support of one another, we know we can do another year. And while we are at it -- let us plan to make it the best one yet! Perhaps it is time we start nurturing the branch itself to make it stronger, so we will not have to worry about the swinging and the swaying. Have ideas? Let me know -- email me at

And a reminder, if you would like to attend the in-person worship, beginning August 2nd, you will need to register ahead of time by using this link. This will ensure we maintain the limit of people (up to 25) and will also help us contact you if we find out someone who was in worship has been diagnosed positive. There are 20 slots open for folks to sign up -- we will save 5 slots for persons who do not have access to the on-line registration. And remember, there will be NO SINGING during worship or FELLOWSHIP after worship. We will try to keep worship as short as possible. Your temperature will be taken as you enter the building, and a mask will be required. No food or drinks will be allowed inside the building. 


For communion -- we will use individually pre-packaged cups. Sometime this week, I will start delivering communion cups to members who will not attend worship in person. Please sign up here for communion sets to be delivered to you.

You will find our ‘Back to the Building’ policy here on our website. I ask that you please look at it and follow the guidelines whenever you plan to come to the building. There will be one way to ENTER the building (on Broadway) and one way to EXIT (to the parking lot). We will continue to offer worship online until we are all able to be in the building, which means until we find a vaccine and it is available to ALL people -- medical experts estimate that to be sometime in 2021. 


Beloveds, let us remember stay safe and keep everyone around us safe also. May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice and in ministry, 


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