Alka's Angle July 3, 2020

Dear Broadway community,

As our city and state enter into phase IV, we at Broadway have also begun to finalize our plans for ‘slowly’ opening our building. To say that this has been a challenging year, is an understatement. Beloved, while we all long for that day when we will be able to gather again in person, we know that things will be different, and we know that the day, when ALL of us can be together, is not in our new future. 


We hope to open our building for our building partners on July 15th, if nothing changes in Chicago, and open for in-person worship, for up to 25 people, by August 2nd. We also will need to change the ways we meet and greet. We at Broadway are committed to making the space as safe and hospitable as we can make it for all persons. 


If you would like to attend the in-person worship, beginning August 2nd, you will need to register ahead of time by using this link. This will ensure we maintain the limit of people and will also help us contact them if we find out someone who was in worship has been diagnosed positive. There are 20 slots open for folks to sign up- we will save 5 slots for persons who do not have access to the on-line registration. And remember, there will be NO SINGING during worship or FELLOWSHIP after worship. We will try to keep worship as short as possible. We will take your temperature when you enter, and a mask will be required inside the building. No food or drinks will be allowed inside the building. 


You will find our ‘Back to the Building’ policy here. I ask that you please look at it and follow the guidelines when you plan to come to the building. There will be one way to ENTER (on Broadway) and one way to EXIT (to the parking lot) the building. We will continue to offer worship on-line until we are all able to be in the building, which means until we find a vaccine and it is available to ALL people -- medical experts estimate that to be sometime in 2021. 


This Sunday, I plan on having a virtual love feast with you during worship. So make sure you have something to eat and drink as you prepare to sit for worship on Sunday.


Beloveds, this Holiday weekend, let us remember stay safe and keep everyone around us safe also. May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice and in ministry,