Alka's Angle June 19, 2020

Dear Broadway community,

Today is June 19th, better known to our African American siblings as JUNETEENTH, the day that marks the end of slavery and the independence of countless enslaved people -- a day finally arrived two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation! This is the 155th year Anniversary of ‘Black Independence Day’ in America. I ask though -- did it end slavery?

The historical answer is NO, because many slave masters and plantation owners held that information -- either until after harvest season or until officials came to enforce the proclamation. And even though there are no ‘slaves’ anymore, slavery is far from abolished.


Sadly, the Methodist Church was not an innocent party in this injustice. Tensions over slavery caused many splits in the denomination. And, even though the formation of the United Methodist Church abolished the segregation, and even though the denomination created The General Commission on Religion and Race, the church continues to struggle in creating a safe, equitable and just church where all people are treated equal. Much has been done and much needs to be done still -- until we can create a church, a community, a world where all are treated equally. To that end -- we continue to do our work, as faithfully as we can. I invite you to that work -- in big and small ways, whenever we can and wherever we can. Here are a few ways we can continue to show up as allies: speak up when we hear someone being bullied, show up and stay when we see police treating a person unfairly or disrespectfully, make videos of situations where you may not be able to speak, stay with folk who might be stopped for questioning, stop colleagues from making racial jokes. Also, listen! Listening is the first duty of love (Paul Tillich paraphrased).


Also remember, our meetings remain on Zoom -- Phase 3 still does not allow us in the building. We are preparing the building for Phase 4 (which would allow groups of 50 or less to gather). In preparation for that I am attaching a survey here for you to fill out by Sunday, June 21st.  We also need volunteers to help us get the building ready -- so please try to give an hour or two of your time to help us.


And remember: quick links to weekly events are available on our events page


May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice and in ministry,