Alka's Angle March 25, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,

I listened to a Ted talk in preparation for this week’s sermon. In her talk titled “The Two Kinds of Stories We Tell Ourselves” Emily Esfahani Smith said chasing happiness can make people unhappy! I am sure this statement stopped you in your tracks - I know it did me. I was absolutely intrigued by this statement, and realized how true this statement is. She goes on to say that seeking meaning is a more resilient path, and then goes on tell us more about how one can find meaning in their lives. I invite you to listen to her podcast with the hope that it will speak to you the same way it spoke to me.


I also invite you to join us this Sunday as we continue to journey through the season of Lent, tending to the gardens of our souls and our surroundings. This week we work through the feeling of ‘being a problem.’ I invite you to think of that time when you may have been made to believe you are a problem. We will be working on letting go of this feeling.


The God we believe in does not even label those who were out to ‘get’ him as problems. Jesus did name the problems that the people faced because of the actions of some folk - but they were never labeled as problems. I look forward to working towards letting go of those feelings.

And looking ahead we are also planning our Holy Week and Easter plans. After two years of celebrating Easter from the safety of our homes, this year we hope to remain open and so we are planning for our traditional Easter BRUNCH!!! We do want to know if you will be able to attend and what you might bring for the table. Here is the link for you to register.

Beloveds, let us continue to remind ourselves that there might be problems in our lives or around us but neither we, nor the people around us are problems. May we be encouraged to remind each other always that we are beloved children of God.


And, may we continue to pray for one another, care for ourselves, and never force ourselves to do anything that is not life giving for us. Let us continue to do our part in making this world a just and safer place for all God’s people! And remember God loves you and so do I, and I look forward to seeing you in worship.


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