Alka's Angle March 27, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,


We talked about environmental health last week, reminding ourselves that we cannot hope to have a good life on earth if we don’t think of also caring for the earth. We committed to doing all we can to create less pollution for the environment, save as much electricity and water as we can and be conservative in our use of all earthly resources -- reuse and recycle as much as we can so not too much is added into the landfills. I hope we all can do our part to protect our planet.


This week is a busy week in the life of the church! We start with Palm Sunday worship this Sunday. There were little Palm postcards in your Lenten kits. I invite you to have them by you on Sunday and can hold them up when we do the “Palm Sunday Parade.” So, the worship will start on a high note, and end with the beginning of the ‘Passion of Jesus.’  It will end without a postlude and there will be no time for fellowship this Sunday. After the worship, we will have an all-church meeting to share with you the finances of the church. To maintain the somberness of the worship experience, we will start that meeting on a different Zoom at 12:15 pm. Here is the link for the finance meeting. Meeting ID: 874 8766 8250; Passcode: 306186.


Our Holy Week service will be one continuous service done in two parts -- first part on April 1st, for Maundy Thursday and second for Good Friday. The Maundy Thursday worship will begin at 7pm. Here is the link for the Maundy Thursday Service. Meeting ID: 821 3681 7461; Passcode: 564274.


I invite you to have a few items with you as you join for the Maundy Thursday worship; oil -- it can be any oil you have at home -- coconut oil, olive oil, essential oil or any other oil of your choice (if you don’t have oil, use lotion), and one or more candles. We hope to create darkness, so turn off the lights in your home, if you can, and just have the candle/s lit around you.   


You will need all the same items for the Good Friday worship at 7pm on Friday, April 2nd. Here is the link for the Good Friday Service. Meeting ID: 861 1349 4972; Passcode: 489963.


We spend the Saturday, which is also known as ‘Holy Saturday’ in silence and meditation as we prepare to celebrate the joy of Easter with loud Alleluias! I will lead a short SONrise service from the lake on Easter Sunday morning at 6:15am.  Here is the link for the Easter SONrise service. Meeting ID: 810 6544 0729; Passcode: 552103.


Our regular worship service will be at 11am with the same zoom link as every Sunday. Here is the link for the Easter Festival Service at 11am. Meeting ID: 489 148 569; Password: 290727.


Beloveds, as we enter into Holy week, I also invite us to also think of what this week means for us -- and who are we being called to be as followers of the one who stood by the side of the oppressed, who always questioned unnecessary use and abuse of power by anyone, who always sided with the poor and the powerless and was wiling to give and do all he could for any one of the least of our siblings. How are we called to live out our faith in this world, through our church, and in our communities? May God guide us this Holy week, and then to do what we feel called to do -- everyday of our lives!

And, together, let us continue to create a brave space where all people can claim our identity as a beloved child of God. Let us remember to do all we can to make this world a better place for all who live in it.  And remember, I am always your partner in this work of justice!