Alka's Angle March 4, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,

March brings many changes with it! 


We entered the season of Lent -- with the Ash Wednesday service on March 2nd! We are using the theme “Good Enough” reminding ourselves to slow down this season of Lent and to pay attention and celebrate where we are in life, and not get caught up in the race to climb the ladder of success in a way that prevents us from being in the moment and celebrate the joys of ‘now.’ We are excited for the plans we have. Most of you should have received a Lenten kit delivered to you. If not, we will have some available on Sunday or you can let us know and we will deliver one. 


  • Each week we will be inviting you to use an item we have sent you as you create your own reminder at home, similar to what we will do at church. 
  • You will also be invited to respond to the season in a tangible way. Those inside the sanctuary will receive a piece of paper for their response. Those of you at home, please have a notebook or post-its by you to participate along. We hope it will be a meaningful season for us that will nourish us spiritually and invite us to a better living as God’s people and citizens of this world.


March also is observed as Women’s Month, so this month we will also be lifting up women from our heritage who have done great work in our world but did not quite get the recognition they deserve. If you have a suggestion, please let me know soon by emailing me.


Beginning this Sunday, we are open for in person/hybrid worship -- considering the relaxation of mandated by our mayor and the governor of Illinois. We still require masks and ask you to be responsibly distanced from others, when inside the building. We will continue to offer zoom worship for those who will chose to stay home a little longer. 


And as we get ready for all this -- the war in Ukraine is first and foremost on all our minds -- so we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the pain and suffering of the people of Ukraine and Russia. We will be holding a 30 minute prayer vigil, at church, on Sunday March 13th at 2:00 pm, for PEACE in Ukraine and Russia and all other places where people live in fear for their lives. The zoom  will be shared on the calendar (website) Facebook page and enews! 


Friends may this Lenten season truly be a blessed season for all of us -- as we take time to look deep into our lives and seek to better versions of ourselves, commit to caring for all God’s people and always work for equity and justice in our communities, our surroundings and our world! 



Let us continue to do our part in making this world a just and safer place for all God’s people! And remember God loves you and so do I, and I look forward to seeing you in worship.  


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