Alka's Angle May 15, 2020

Dear Broadway community,

I am having a hard time keeping track of how many days we have been following the ‘safe at home’ orders. I had to look that up! This is our 9th week. And many of us have gotten used to this new way of being and working (no, I did not say everyone), and even though we all have some rough days -- generally we are learning to be in this new reality! For this I am grateful.

However, there are many things that continue to be challenging.  More people are finding out that their jobs are at risk. People continue to be victims of white supremacy and injustices around us (I hope that I don’t get so comfortable in this new normal that I lose focus of other important things). Some people have been busier than they ever were, and some of us are learning new technology to do our jobs. And, I am grateful for all the ways people are showing up for each other to help in any way we can -- we are sharing our stories, grieving together,  imparting our knowledge, and helping each other learn and grow and live.


Our conference leadership realized the hard work of churches, pastors and lay leaders, so to express their appreciation they have produced a full worship for us. We will be using that worship service on Sunday. 


Next week, Robert has agreed to do a full service with music and hymns. For the last Sunday of May, our district is putting together a  service, with a district choir and Robert is participating in that. I am excited of these opportunities to have a different worship experience and am looking forward to them.

In addition to this -- we are also inviting church community to do 2-4 minute videos and share them on our Facebook page. You can sign up here to do those videos. They can be about a book you read, a movie you watched, a question on your mind, a scripture you want to read or a prayer you wish to say. Like I told someone -- imagine you visiting with a church member after worship -- just that kind of conversation! Grateful to all who have signed up and look forward to many more.


Let us continue to stay connected in every way we can. Here are all that the church is offering:



Beloved, remember we are all doing the best we can. We can only do that, and some days not even that and that is OK! Not doing anything is OK!  We need to listen to our bodies and do what our bodies allow us. This is not a competition and we do not have to prove anything to anyone. Stay centered, maintain a schedule, and remain connected! May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice and in ministry,