Alka's Angle October 20, 2023

Dear Broadway Community,


If we are listening to the news- both local and international, then we have a sense of what is going on around us. Regardless of which side we are on, in any given situation, the reality is that too many lives are lost, and innocent bystanders are the ones who suffer the most. So, beloveds, whichever side you are on, I invite you to please join me in praying for peace in our world and join the movements that are working hard to provide care, aide and support to those who are struggling, those who do not have food to eat or a place to rest for a while.


As we shared last Sunday, Tami Marron from our church has been pretty active in providing care for the many asylum seeking siblings who are in our neighborhood. If you can help in any way- send me or the office an email and we will connect you with Tami. We are also in the beginning stages of a conversation to see if there is any space in our building to help them store/pack welcome kits for those who arrive. If the space seems enough for the organizers and they decide to use our space, I would welcome you to volunteer your time, but in the meantime please donate to the effort by using this link.


I also invite you to hold Jane Eesley, a pastor from our Conference who recently moved to Israel, working as a Methodist Liaison in Jerusalem, in your prayers. She informs us of her wellbeing and invites us to ‘pray for ceasefire and immediate humanitarian aid to Gaza.’ Again- to remind us that whichever side we are on- let us remember that innocent people suffer the most, so please let us not get into debates about who is right, and pray for ceasefire.


I will join you in this prayer, as I sit here with my siblings in the work of justice at the Board of the United Methodist Commission on Religion and Race. We are in Oakland, CA, hosted by a Tongan Church, who is also educating us about the struggles of our Pacific Islander siblings in this part of our country. I invite you to hold our board, our work and our Pacific Islander siblings in your prayers also. While I am away Lou Pence and Lee Rollins are available for pastoral care.


That’s it for now friends! I truly feel blessed to be a part of this community that is always willing to step up and offer support and aide wherever it is needed. Let us continue to be agents of hope, and pray for peace as we also bring care and help where needed.


Be blessed and be a blessing, beloveds, and I look forward to seeing you all in church.