Lee's Lexicon

  • Our word this week comes to us from Russian - which I realize is a country with a lot of deserved negative connotations right now, but that is not the fault of the language - or most of the people that speak it, and refusing to acknowledge the humanity and positive things about the culture and language doesn't help anyone, it just furthers the cycle of hurt and hate.

  • So...Holy Week. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday. Easter. But as per usual with me - I like to address the question of 'what does this word actually mean'. 

  • So. This week is Palm Sunday. Jesus enters Jerusalem. Jerusalem, that most ubiquitous of Biblical locations. That most holy of cities. Location of bloodshed and of worship, land of hope and promise...and land which has been fought over continually for thousands of years like a giant bloody game of tug-of-war.