Lee's Lexicon

  • So I'm back on German this week, with (what I consider) a fun word; treppenwitz. It means, literally 'staircase wit' - but in terms of how it's actually used, it refers to when you think of a great response/comeback/joke/etc...after the moment for it has already passed; on your way up or down the staircase out, whether figuratively or literally.

  •  And here we are again! This week I thought I'd look at a word that is heard fairly often in a church setting: canon. Not cannon, like artillery, but canon with one N.

  • This time around I've made my way to Hebrew, but not the Biblical variety; modern Hebrew. The word firgun describes a concept that does not have a one-word translation in English; it's the pleasure/happiness/joy you feel at knowing that something good has happened or will happen to someone else.

  • So I'm back over in Europe this week; uitwaaien is a fun Dutch word that literally means something along the lines of 'blow out' but that...does not remotely capture the actual meaning of it. What it means is to go outside on a windy day and just...feel the wind, let it refresh you. To walk with and in the wind, and let it carry away your stress and your worries.