Lee's Lexicon May 27, 2022

Hello Broadway!


I don't have a specific word for you all today - but I do have quite a few nonspecific ones that will make up this message.


As was announced on Sunday, I will be continuing at Broadway as a member and a candidate for ordination, so you'll see me around, but this is the end of my official internship.


I've learned so much. From all of you. From Pastor Alka. From being at Broadway.


Thank you.


I appreciate you all accompanying me on this journey - and I'll continue to appreciate you as my new one starts.


There are so many words out there, and I've covered a fair few of them over the course of this year, but I'm not sure there's one that properly expresses how much I appreciate everyone who's helped me along the way at Broadway.



But, to paraphrase the Wheel of Time; this is not the end. It is an end... but it is also a beginning - and the journey never really ends.


Lee M. Rollins