Lee's Lexicon May 20, 2022

Hello Broadway!


So I'm back on German this week, with (what I consider) a fun word; treppenwitz. It means, literally 'staircase wit' - but in terms of how it's actually used, it refers to when you think of a great response/comeback/joke/etc...after the moment for it has already passed; on your way up or down the staircase out, whether figuratively or literally.


Basically it's when you can't think of anything in the moment, but the second you're no longer on the spot you have the perfect thing to have said.


To use it more seriously, it can be also when you can't think of what to say in the face of someone's grief, or sadness, until it's too late and we think it can no longer help.


We all get hit with it sometimes - and sometimes, it's ok to share the response after the fact.


It's ok to not always have the perfect response, and to not share one we come up with later, too.


But sometimes, those responses that we think are too late? They can still help. They can still help someone heal.


So share your treppenwitz, if you think it may help - even if it may be a bit after the fact. Or hold onto it for a later time.



Either way, words are important, and so is how we use them - but it is also important to forgive ourselves when we don't quite hit the mark with what we were trying to say, at the moment it was relevant.


Lee M. Rollins