His name is George Floyd! #sayhisname

Broadway community, 

"Please, I can't breathe!" Those were the words that George Floyd screamed as the officer kept his knee and pressure on the throat! Friends, I hope this incident has enraged you as much as it has angered me. There is no reason a human should be treated this way. There is no reason for one person to take another persons's life. There is no reason for this. 

You know and I know that killings like this continue to happen in our world -- where power is abused and privilege is misused. This is not the only incident, but this is the most recent one. I can name more names and document more cases. But that is not what I am coming to you for. I come asking that we as a community, as a family, as people of God join in the voice of many and say -- enough! 

We need to stand up and speak out! I preach about that all the time -- a little too much for some people's comfort -- and I am grateful that I am able to do that at Broadway -- but it is time that we did more than preach and pray! We need to put that into action!

I am too enraged to even know what 'more' looks like. I just know that if we do not speak up then we are accomplices in these lynchings of people and caging of humans, killings of LGBTQIA+ folx and criminalizing of Immigrants.

To my POC, LGBTQIA+, Immigrant siblings, I say -- I am sorry, I have not spoken up enough! I have not stood up enough! I have not been enraged enough! I have not been a Christian enough to allow this to happen -- and I am sorry!

Beloved community -- our liberation is bound in each other! We cant be free without the other. Let us work towards a 'freedom that all of us can enjoy! 

Thanks for listening! His name is George Floyd! #sayhisname

Rev. Alka Lyall