Lee's Lexicon December 10, 2021

Hello Broadway!

This week for the first time I’ve gone the exact opposite of the northern Scandinavian languages I’ve been on about, and have gone to Africa (so to speak). 

In addition to being the name of a variation of Linux (one of many) computer OS, Ubuntu is a word in Zulu and Xhosa both that roughly means just…having humanity toward others, believing in a common bond that connects us all, that kind of thing. 

It’s about not begrudging people their successes, and not judging them for their failures, about supporting others when they’re struggling and helping them up when they fall - and being able to expect the same thing in return. 

It’s community, and caring, and remembering our commonalities more than letting our differences separate us. 

It’s something important to remember, but it was brought to my mind specifically because of Advent and because of the idea of peace and love and joy and hope that is meant to be the focus as we await Christ. 


We won’t always succeed in having or spreading ubuntu, but as with most everything else important that we must strive for, that doesn’t excuse us from trying, and it doesn’t mean that it’s meaningless when we do succeed. 


Lee M. Rollins

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