Lee's Lexicon November 19, 2021

Hello Broadway!

So this week I've picked a word from a rather obscure (but fun!) language: Euskara, or Basque. This language is spoken in Basque Country, a region that covers adjacent parts of Spain and France. (Fun fact, it's also what's called a language isolate; it is, to the current knowledge of linguists, unrelated to any other living language. It is the only remaining language isolate in Europe, despite periods of attempted eradication by European governments, and is thought to have developed before the arrival of Indo-European languages in Europe - i.e. the Romans and friends bringing Latin, etc., with them)

The word itself is Aspaldiko. It refers to the joy of catching up with someone (or many someones) you haven't seen in a long time; the happiness you feel at a reunion long-awaited. It's the emotions you feel as you embrace a friend or a family member you haven't seen in far, far too long; the smiles and laughter as you remember just how much you love these people.

It seemed appropriate, as we return to in-person worship; as we feel the joy of seeing each other not through a computer screen, as we feel the joy of worshipping in the sanctuary again; worship outside of church is, of course, still worship, and the Spirit is still there with us; but that doesn't mean that there's not something special about being in the building again.

On another level, it felt like a good word as we go into Thanksgiving and Christmas, with its family reunions and friendly get-togethers and general joy that we seek in the company of other humans, even as the nights grow ever longer and ever-colder. (And! Speaking of reunions and get-togethers; on Thanksgiving there will be a meal held in the church for anyone who doesn't have other plans (and also an option to have food delivered to you) - here's a signup link. )


On yet another level, it's an appropriate word all the time, as we remember that this is what God feels when we turn back to Them after having let ourselves get too distracted by the world and all its issues, as we've made mistakes and fallen away from Them. They've been waiting for that reunion, and no matter how many times we may fall away, They're always just as joyful to have us back. They're always just as loving and forgiving because They're always our Parent, always the Creator God that loved us enough to bring us into being. Always ready to receive us in love and in mercy, and always ready to embrace us with joy beyond what we could ever comprehend.


Lee M. Rollins