Pip's Perspective April 1, 2022

Hi everyone! 

Today, I'm writing to ask you to contact your legislator to defend the Pretrial Fairness Act. You could do so directly (find your representative HERE), or you can use the link HERE to use a form email. 

One of the main things the Pretrial Fairness Act (which won't go fully into effect until January 2023) does is abolishes the use of Money Bond. Money Bond is unjust, especially when it is used against people in poverty. Money Bond is the main thing that fills up jails. People go to prison when they've been convicted of a crime, but the majority of people in jail haven't gone to jail yet. How is this "innocent until proven guilty"? The fact is, for people who are poor and can't afford bond, they end up sitting in jail waiting for trial. While they are in jail, they can lose their jobs and their homes, because jobs require people to show up, and homes require payments or rent, because most poor people don't outright own their homes. A person's entire life can be ripped away if they can't afford to pay bond. And, many people plead "guilty" because of the pressure of being inside jail and unable to afford bond. This is what I mean when I say that money bond is unjust! 

The Pretrial Fairness Act is under attack by proposals that would streak away parts of it or repeal it already. Our legislators need to know that people support it. So, please contact your legislators in one of the ways above! 

I believe that our faith calls us to this work of advocating for those who might be subjected to unfair pretrial practices such as money bond. Psalm 146: 7 says: "Who executes justice for the oppressed; Who gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets the prisoners free." I believe that God wants us to also set the prisoners free, especially those who have not been convicted of anything, haven't even faced trial yet. Jesus, too, asks us to love our neighbors. Love is antithetical to jailing innocent people. Show some love to your neighbor by contacting your legislator, please!!!! 

Bonus - if you are interested in phone banking for this important issue, please email me and I can get you that information as well. 

Also, in other news, we have enough people for the Night Ministry sandwich build, but we could still use donations. Please click HERE to donate! (Please put "Night Ministry" in the memo line.)



Have a blessed week!


Epiphany (Pip) Paris