Pip's Perspective February 17, 2023

Hello Broadway Family,

It is less than a week until Ash Wednesday, and we have been busy preparing for Lent!

As I shared in January, I've been having a bit of a journey around my faith in Jesus, and what a relationship with him means to me. I am anticipating that this journey may likely deepen during the season of Lent, as we talk about what it means to Look for Love in the wrong places, and also reflect on repentance and other important theological topics.

As always, creating meaningful worship experiences is a group effort. There are usually at least two worship leaders (me and Alka at minimum, sometimes also Lou and/or Lee) leading worship. There is also Robert, any choir members/soloists, Tim on organ, our dedicated tech folks, sometimes somebody to pass the offering plate and someone to count and deposit the offering. That's just on the day of the service. We also hold worship planning meetings ahead of time to figure out what music fits best each week, and for special holiday services (such as Christmas Eve) we practice reading the script at least a few times.

And, worship is not all that the ministers here do, worship is only one part of the experience of church.

I'm saying all of this simply to emphasize how important it is to us to create a worship container that allows for everyone who attends (in person or virtually) to reflect on our faith, be bolstered in our beliefs, challenged and inspired to live our lives as Christ taught us, and to connect us to one another. And, this experience is for you, and it is also for us who are doing the planning. Even while I am focused on logistical tasks for worship preparation (such as sorting scrabble tiles or painting letters), for some of the time, I am reflecting on the meaning of what we are doing. And, I try to bring these reflections to you as much as I can.

So, I hope that you join us in worship for these experiences! And, I hope that you share your own experiences with me, as well. Also, if you find our worship meaningful, consider bringing a friend. Our fellowship is only that much more meaningful when we join with others!

I hope you have a blessed week!



Be well,